• Képregénytörténetek 295. Vincze Ferenc: Képregénytörténetek Megjelenés ideje: 2022
    Terjedelem: 298 oldal
    Bolti ára: 2750 Ft
    ISBN: 978-615-82100-3-4

This book aspires to point out the milestones in the historical development of Hungarian comic books, as well as to participate in the theoretical discourse inspired by current theoretical questions which are significantly present in the inquiries of comic studies today. Certainly, the book does not wish to disguise that fact that while some of the papers approach certain phenomena from literary discourse, the majority of them also include considerations of media studies in the analyses, which cannot be bypassed for an approach rooted in comic studies. The book consists of two parts: the first chapter proceeds with an eye on the chronological development of Hungarian comic books, and the second interprets some highlighted pieces of the medium along the lines of theoretical considerations, sometimes in the form of case studies.

Scientific proofreaders:

dr. habil. Sándor Kálai (University of Debrecen, Department of Communication and Media Studies)

dr. habil. Gyula Maksa (University of Pécs, Department of Communication and Media Studies)